Monday, December 30, 2013

70th Birthday

Last week our church choir director celebrated his 70th birthday.  He's a lover of yellow cake and strawberries, so I made him a 12" vanilla cake with whipped cream and sliced strawberry filling and iced with vanilla buttercream and sprinkles.  Many Years to Him!

Chem 110

In the midst of my midlife career change, I'm taking nurse's chemistry at the local college.  After quite an exciting first semester back at school, we gals needed a little sugary celebration.  So this was my contribution to the party.  The frostings are a variety of flavors, topped with chocolate wafer cookies and handy chemistry compounds.  Who doesn't love a little ethyl or methyl cuppie after a hard final exams week!

Fall Birthdays

Well, here we are.  Another Fall birthday season at my house.  For son #1, we celebrated his 9th birthday with a Minecraft party topped off with a minecraft cake straight from the game!  I made marshmallow fondant and topped the cake the best I could to resemble the cake found in the gaming realm.  The red squares (I think) represent strawberries, and we decided to ice the rest of the cake with chocolate buttercream.  Oh what fun!

Later the next month, son #2 celebrated his 7th birthday with my tried and true Lego cake.  Here we made a chocolate cake, iced it with chocolate buttercream, and topped it with candy legos fashioned from melted and tinted white chocolate candy melts in our handy dandy silicon lego ice cube tray.  This cake, as with all things Lego, was a hit.

40 years

Our church, Holy Trinity Cathedral in San Francisco, celebrated our priest's forty years of service with a little celebration at the beginning of October.  This cake, commemorating the event, was designed for both Fr. John Takahashi and his wife, who together have dedicated the majority of their lives to serving the church.  One cake was chocolate and the other vanilla, both filled with strawberries and cream.  It was iced with vanilla buttercream and topped with fresh flowers and a marshmallow fondant "40" dusted with gold lusterdust.

Cake: 6/10" squares


We had a lovely double celebration for two wonderful priests at our parish back in August (yea, I'm a bit behind in posting!), and here are their cakes.  One priest loves chocolate and the other vanilla, so it was a perfect opposite cake match!  Both cakes were filled with strawberries and cream and iced with either fudge or vanilla buttercream.  Yum!

10" square chocolate and vanilla cakes with fresh fruit.