Friday, July 26, 2013

Le Petit Buttercream 2

Ah, yet another lovely wedding this summer, and yet another sweet sweet couple! We decided to make
this cake similar to the cake I made a few weeks ago with the "striped" buttercream.  Boy do I love this look!  This bride had more bold colors in her wedding party- hence the oranges and purples in her flowers.  I really do love how this came out!

cake: 6"/10" chocolate cake with whipped nutella cream filling iced with vanilla buttercream
not pictured: 2 more sheet cakes of the same yummy goodness

Photo credit: Alex Akamine

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Le Petit Buttercream

My sister-in-law married a really great guy last weekend.  I've been really looking forward to this wedding for many reasons- great couple, great location, great colors and flowers, great caterer, and lots of my baking!  The bride wanted a small and simple buttercream wedding cake- primarily for the cutting.  The bulk of the dessert was to be cheesecake, which I was to make, as well, to compliment the BBQ dinner served by their fantastic caterer.  So I made six cheesecakes- two chocolate, two vanilla, and two lemon with blueberry sauce. The beauty of cheesecake is that it tastes better the second and third day.  So I was able to make those ahead of time and then devote my entire Saturday to the wedding cake.

Despite our awful heat wave (and my house with no a/c), her cake was one of those cakes where everything just seemed to go right. Cakes baked up nicely, torted and set well in fridge, frosting consistency was really nice, etc.  After I frosted the tiers, I rested my spatula on the sides and spun my turntable to get the striped texture look, and it worked on the first try!  We put some pretty fresh flowers on and voila! All done!

cake: 6"/10" (top) carrot cake with cream cheese buttercream filling, and (bottom tier) chocolate with chocolate cream cheese filling, both iced with vanilla buttercream and adorned with fresh flowers.

She sells seashells..

A really sweet couple I know was married in June in San Francisco.  Their wedding's theme was a sort of seashell, nautical type of decor and the bride asked for a simple cake with seashells (she was making the cake-topper).  She also really like a batch of Italian buttercream I had whipped up, so we decided to use it for the cake!

Making Italian Buttercream is a rather fun adventure.  This is the frosting that requires you to boil sugar and water and add it to egg whites in your mixer.. all while beating the heck out of it while it cools.  I found the challenge rather fun and watched as the frosting went from a curdled looking mess to a very delicate and not-too-sweet, spreadable icing.  

Since this was my first time using this frosting on any cake order- let alone a wedding cake!  I learned lots of little lessons and would, of course, do things better next time.  But the cake had a little whimsy feel, and I thought it came out pretty good for a first run.  

I decorated the cake here and there with white chocolate shells (to match the bride's tiara) and marshmallow fondant pearls I painted with luster dust.  We also had a bunch of matching cupcakes that turned out gorgeous, but, alas, I forgot to take a picture of them!  Maybe one will turn up in the next few weeks. :)

cake: 8"/12" chocolate cake with layers of fudge and whipped cream filling with fresh strawberries inside. Iced with vanilla italian buttercream.