Monday, November 26, 2012

Lego Party

My turkey turned six on Thanksgiving, so we had his party on Sunday at the local Lego store.  It sure was a blast.  Being a sort of quiet guy, we just invited a few of his friends and savored the day- in more ways than one! Like his brother's cake a few years ago, we did the whole candy Lego design. This cake really is fun and easy to make.  I just buy candy melts at Michaels, melt them on the stove, and pour them into my little old silicon lego ice cube tray.  We picked it up at Legoland a few years ago for like $6. What a great investment it has been.  If you would like to own one but can't make it all the way to the theme park, they are usually on ebay now and then.

Cake: chocolate fudge.  Filling: Oreo cream

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Snorkels and ninjas, oh my!

Well, another kooky cake weekend here.  This week's line-up is quite fun!  We have a scuba or, probably more accurately, a snorkel cake followed by ninja star cupcakes!  Don't these just look like fun!

I got the cake idea from some google surfing.  Same ole butter cream and marshmallow fondant.  And the cupcakes are for a ninja party- topped with with some white/vanilla/gray chocolate ninja stars.