Saturday, January 21, 2012

1st Birthday

Well, this past Thursday was my little girl's first birthday.  Being the 3rd child, and the *only* girl, I opted for a pink cake.  And since her middle name is Rose, roses were the theme of the day.
For her smash cake I used a 4" mini cheesecake pan.  Her cake is a simple whipped cream filing sandwiched between two layers of golden yellow cake.  The remaining batter was used for the "leftover" 8" cake to be enjoyed by the rest of the family.
Note to self: When coloring icing, especially pinks, the colors tend to deepen as the icing sits.  And it would probably help not to tint the icing in a dark kitchen while watching late night TV... as the color you end up with may be much more pink than expected! :)

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